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pelvic care


Why Pelvic Care?

Pelvic care is often overlooked but is essential to overall women's health, especially our sexual health. Our pelvic/womb area is the very root and foundation of our feminine dimension and power.  It speaks to us, gives us messages, and communicates our intuition, making it a vital part of our well-being and (re)awakening of the intuitive power of our pelvic bowl, womb space, and yoni. At SOMA Temple, we understand the importance of pelvic care and offer a range of services to help women (re)connect to this power center of their body.  We encourage women to prioritize pelvic care in their healthcare routine for a more vitalising, connected and embodied life.

Physical Benefits

  • Reverse numbness, pain & disconnection from your pelvis

  • Increased circulation & blood flow to pelvis, womb & yoni which promotes healing

  • Increased bodily bliss and vitality

  • Experience a stronger connection to your whole body

  • Expand your ability to feel pleasure

  • Heal your feminine voice and expression

  • Prepare for a gentler and more empowered birth

  • Profound somatic healing

Emotional & Energetic Benefits

  • Clear old energy from your womb space

  • Learn to listen to your intuition and body knowing

  • Release negative thoughts or memories around a trauma or giving birth

  • Recover healthy boundaries and self-knowledge

  • Enhanced creativity and self-trust

  • Release old emotions and patterns of relating

  • Move stagnant patterns on the emotional & spiritual level

  • Deeper womb awareness, wisdom and intuitive power

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Pelvic Care Offerings


An emotional release method of applying soft pressure to areas of tightness, tension, numbness or pain to assist the body in releasing the somatic ‘memory’, stuck trauma, and blockages.  The process invites the body to gently open, unlocks stagnant energies, promotes life force energy to flow, activates self-healing, and increases vitality.

Women often experience a decrease in chronic pelvic pain or complete dissolving of pain, and it has been shown to be highly effective for women with sexual trauma from assault, surgery, miscarriage, birth and who experience disconnection (lack of sensitivity/numbness) or shame from their sexuality, pelvis and/or yoni. 


Includes full body massage, dearmoring torso, pelvis & yoni 


Integrative Pelvic Health® is a method that employs anatomy-based, self-empowered pelvic education and practices together with Womb Dream Journeying -- a somatic, shamanic style, guided meditation-- to help women recover vibrant wellbeing, intimate sensations, and attunement in their pelvic centre.


Womb Dream Journeying helps us come in touch with our intuition, inner world and somatic wisdom. Many of us have been disconnected from this feminine dimension. The body, especially the pelvic area, is the forgotten feminine dimension that speaks to us, gives us messages, communicates our intuition and births our dreams. The goal of these combined methods is to teach and support women to nourish and heal the physical, sensual and creative forces within their pelvis.


Each session is meticulously crafted so that you open the inner portal of the pelvis which directly plugs you into your spiritual feminine self. This process is what we call body-soul alchemy.


Integrative Pelvic Health® is a research-based practice inspired from Fascia Research, Anatomy of Movement®, Osteopathy, Women's Perinueum & Movement® Practice, and Dream Shamanism. It utilizes self-empowered bodywork to awaken a full-body agency and knowing.


Vaginal steaming is an ancient holistic practice of self-care for cleansing the female reproductive organs and energy of the pelvis and womb space.  It supports the spiritual and emotional detoxification and healing of the womb space bringing more vitality and connection to her feminine energies.  

After an initial consultation, therapeutic herbs are chosen to suit your body’s needs and prepared for you to sit on a steam sauna over the therapeutic tea allowing the steam to gently penetrate the delicate tissues of your vulva and pelvis. 

This wellness ritual serves women experiencing painful or irregular cycles, fibroids, endometriosis, fertility issues, bacteria or infections.  It also serves women by clearing energetic stagnation.  If you’ve been feeling blocked or stuck in life or creatively, or need to let go of what is no longer serving you, a pelvic steam will bring you into deeper connection with your feminine power and essence. 


Overall positive effects of steaming include-relaxation and relaxed pelvic floor tension, heightened fertility, libido, sexual sensation and nectar (lubrication), decreased PMS symptoms and water retention, scar softening and more.

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