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A safe, sacred circle to cultivate somatic intimacy


The Honey Rose Sisterhood is a journey through the cycle of the rose, as an archetype, from seed to Honey Rose. The rose forms a healing spiral which offers us an opportunity to embody the frequencies and gifts of the rose at each stage of her life cycle.

The Honey Rose Sisterhood is an embodiment course held two times per year (autumn & spring).

We meet for 3 days, over a weekend.  It is like a mini retreat because we leave our daily life, retreat to SOMA Temple, put our focus entirely on the course, but we go to our own homes to sleep at night.

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What are the benefits of this course?

  • Learn true intimacy with your body

  • Heal trauma & wounding from sexual suppression & social conditioning

  • Overcome body shame

  • Express from the body

  • Accept self and other women with love and compassion

  • Normalize pleasure & sexual expression

  • Own sexuality, become sexually sovereign

  • Feel sacredness of pleasure and orgasm

  • Give pleasure an honored role

  • Accept erotic self without shame or fear

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Who are the women that join?

  • The women who join Honey Rose Sisterhood have already begun their personal growth journey in some form.

  • They are searching for more freedom in their sexual expression.

  • They desire a deeper connection to their womb, yoni (vulva), Divine Feminine, and eroticism.

  • They know about or have experienced for themself the Mother wound (how your Mother's unprocessed trauma has impacted you) or the Sister wound (jealousy/envy, competition, back-stabbing, exclusion, etc. amoung females) and want to heal that wound for themself and/or the collective.

  • They have something they want to heal or transform and want to experience Somatic Sexuality as a way to do that.

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What is Somatic Sexuality/Somatic Intimacy?

It is the internal awareness of the soma(body) and it's sensations, feelings, emotions, images and sometimes words in relation to sexual expression. By becoming more attuned and attentive to the body in this way it opens the door to healing and transformation.


Each day I will guide you in methods for attaining Somatic Intimacy.  There will be Intuitive Inquiry, Embodiment practices of breathwork, sound expansion, self-touch & movement, Somatic Experiencing, Womb Dream Journeys and Ceremony that will support your journey of blossoming into a Honey Rose.

If you are interested to attend please schedule a free Clarity call.

*After completing this course, you will be invited into The Honey Pot.  The Honey Pot is an exclusive circle that offers support and accountability of what was learned in the course and to adapt pleasure on purpose into your life.

Sessions take place in person at SOMA Temple, Leocharous 6, Monastiraki, Athens, Greece, T.K.10562

Limited seats available.


about the rose spiral

The Rose Spiral is a journey through the cycle of the rose, as a symbol and supportive plant medicine, from seed to Honey Rose. The rose forms a healing spiral which offers us an opportunity to embody the frequencies and gifts of the rose at each stage of the rose cycle.

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The Rose Supports the Embodiment of Alchemy

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The Rose Supports the Embodiment of Erotic Innocence

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The Rose Supports the Embodiment of Pleasure

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The Rose Supports the Embodiment of Transformation


Why Join 

  • For healing shame & judgments over bodies, sexuality, arousal, the erotic, and normalizing it

  • Validation of being witnessed and accepted as we are, and celebrated in a group where everyone else is also open and supportive

  • For women to explore their ecstatic potential and connect with their own eroticism

  • Group energy and its healing effect

Possible Outcomes and Shifts:

  • radical presence & intimacy with self

  • physical, emotional & spiritual bodily healing

  • notice unconscious behaviors & habits

  • shift habitual ways of welcoming sexual arousal in the body

  • acceptance of self 

  • release of shame & judgment

  • deeper love and appreciation for your body

  • recognition of self-worth


What is communal mindful erotic embodiment practice?

A pleasurable, intimate, and transformative discipline that is practiced while erotically charged or aroused where conscious consenting adults can explore, connect, share, learn, grow and play.

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