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honor  your body
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Ancient civilizations have favored baths for their therapeutic benefits for centuries.  Ritual bathing was often performed as a social gathering with other women, for preparation of ceremony, and during Rites of Passage. 
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A Rose Ritual Bath is a sacred and luxurious experience for the woman who honors her body temple.  Utilizing the high frequency of fresh roses, sound vibration and personal intention/prayer, the Rose Ritual Bath will awaken your Divine Feminine Essence.  Choose to embody the Red Rose or White Rose frequencies (indicate when booking). To complete the experience an oiling ritual using francinscence honors your body temple, nourishes the nervous, lymphatic & immune systems,  and spiritually grounds the body.

Our SOMA Temple Signature Red Rose Bath, My Body Is My Temple, has red rose petals, rose essential oils, Epsom salts, milk & thyme honey.  It will connect you deeper into your lower chakras, with your womb & yoni, your portal of creation for birthing your Divinity, Divine gifts, intuition & inner knowings.


The White Rose Ritual Bath, Healing Waters, has white rose petals, rose essential oils, dried lavendar, lemon slices, Epsom salts, fine Greek sea salts and baking soda for deep cleansing of energy and spiritual healing.  It will open & activate your higher chakras and allow for higher frequencies of light & the Divine to assist in cleansing & releasing.  

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