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Wed, Oct 05


SOMA Temple

Be The Womb Oracle for Pelvic & Sexual Health

Pelvic Exercises+Yoni Steam+Shamanic Journey

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Be The Womb Oracle for Pelvic & Sexual Health
Be The Womb Oracle for Pelvic & Sexual Health

Time & Location

Oct 05, 2022, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

SOMA Temple, Leocharous 6, Athina 105 62, Greece

About the Event

A month long container to heal, explore and deepen into the power center of your body - the pelvis/womb space.  Led by Certified Pelvic Steam & Integrative Pelvic Health® Practitioner, Melissa Lumina Vlahos.

Each week you will be guided in pelvic education & exercises, receive a pelvic steam (yoni steam), and journey in a shamanic style dream meditation.  Each session is meticulously crafted so that you open an inner portal that moves through the body and directly plugs you into your spiritual self.  This process is what we call body-soul alchemy and it is that bridge you will cultivate and establish for yourself as your own Womb Oracle.

What is a Pelvic Steam?

Vaginal steaming is an ancient holistic practice of self-care for cleansing the female reproductive organs and energy of the pelvis and womb space.  It supports the spiritual and emotional detoxification and healing of the womb space bringing more vitality and connection to her feminine energies.

Therapeutic herbs are ritually prepared to assist in the intention of physical health and emotional & spiritual wellbeing. You will then sit on a steam sauna over the therapeutic "tea" allowing the steam to gently penetrate the delicate tissues of your vulva and pelvis.

What is Integrative Pelvic Health®?

Integrative Pelvic Health® is a method that employs anatomy-based, self-empowered body practice and inner dream journeying to help women recover vibrant wellbeing in their pelvic centre. The goal of the method is to teach and support women to nourish the physical, sensual and creative forces of their pelvic cradle. Integrative Pelvic Health® is a research-based practice inspired from Fascia Research, Anatomy of Movement®, Osteopathy, Women's Perinueum & Movement® Practice, and Dream Shamanism that utilizes self-empowered bodywork to awaken a full-body agency and knowing.

Who is this Course for?

These wellness rituals are a vital part of (re)awakening the intuitive power of our pelvic bowl, womb space & yoni.  It serves women experiencing painful or irregular cycles, fibroids, endometriosis, fertility issues, bacteria or infections.  It also serves women by clearing energetic stagnation.  If you’ve been feeling blocked or stuck in life or creatively, or need to let go of what is no longer serving you, this ceremony will bring you into deeper connection with your feminine power and essence.

Positive effects of Pelvic Steaming

-Reduced or resolved pain and cramping during menstruation

-Relaxation and relaxed pelvic floor tension

-Heightened fertility, libido, sexual sensation and nectar (lubrication)

-Decreased PMS symptoms and water retention

-Scar tissue softening

-Increased vitality, flow, and circulation to pelvis and of sacral, creative life force energy

-Deeper womb awareness, wisdom and intuitive power

Positive effects of Integrative Pelvic Health®

-Clear old energy from your womb space

-Discover the anatomy of your pelvis

-Experience a stronger connection to your body

-Expand your ability to feel pleasure

-Release old emotions and patterns of relating

-Prepare for a gentler and more empowered birth

-Heal your feminine voice and expression

-Learn to listen to your intuition and body knowing

-Release negative thoughts or memories around a trauma or giving birth

-Recover healthy boundaries and self-knowledge

-Reverse numbness, pain & disconnection from your pelvis

Limited to 6 seats

WHEN NOT TO STEAM (if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Melissa directly +30 690 792 0500)

When pregnant

Until 6-8 weeks after C-section or pelvic surgery

After ovulation (if actively trying to conceive)

While on your moon time (menstruating)

With an active infection, open sores or blisters

*Because there is the very small possibility of the device becoming displaced, those with an IUD or another contraceptive device in place, it is the woman's choice


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