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Honey Rose Sisterhood

A safe, sacred circle to explore the embodiment of pleasure

Mindful Erotic Self-Pleasure Practice

A pleasureable, intimate and transformative discipline that is practice while erotically charged or aroused where conscious consenting adults can explore, connect, share, learn, grown and play.

Why Mindful Erotic Self-Pleasure Practice?

  • For healing shame & judgements over bodies, sexuality, arousal, the erotic and normalizing it

  • Validation of being witnessed and accepted as we are, and celebrated in a group where everyone else is also open and supportive

  • For women to explore their ecstatic potential and connect with their own eroticism

  • Group energy and its healing effect

Possible outcomes and shifts 

  • radical presence & intimacy with self

  • physical, emotional & spiritual bodily healing

  • notice unconscious behaviors & habits

  • shift habitual ways of welcoming sexual arousal in the body

  • acceptance of self

  • release of shame & judgement

  • deeper love and appreciation for your body

  • recognition of self-worth

  • healing of the sisterhood wound, patriarchy & ancestral traumas

The Honey Rose Sisterhood is a four stage journey through the cycle of the rose, from seed to Honey Rose.  Her (the rose) healing spiral offers us an opportunity to embody the frequencies and gifts of the rose at each stage of her (the rose) cycle.  Sessions take place in person at SOMA Temple at 19.00.  Limited seats available.

Spiral 1- Planting the Seed of Self-Love, Sensuality, Sexual Sovreignty
Inquiry- What is ready to be alchemized into the rose?
Embodiment- Awakening the Body
Ceremony- Vagina Monologues

Spiral 2The Rose Bud, The Maiden of Erotic Innocence
Inquiry- How do you want to embody your eroticism and feel your pleasure?
Embodiment- Ritual De-Robing
Ceremony- Breast Massage

Spiral 3- The Blossomed Rose, Sensational Ecstacy & Embracing Our Shadows
Inquiry- What is preventing you from living a fully ecstatic, blissful, pleasurable life?
Embodiment & Ceremony- Mindful Erotic Self-Pleasure Practice

Spiral 4- The Honey Rose, Receiving the Nectar of Life
Inquiry- What is the Rose offering you?  What are you offering the Rose?
Embodiment- Voice & Sound Expansion, Circulating Energy
Ceremony- Balance of Pleasure & Bliss